Kirsten Weatherton is a freelance illustrator living in soggy Seattle, Washington. She began drawing when Sailor Moon hit the American airwaves in 1995 and continues to enjoy drawing ladies saving the day, the world, and the universe.

Currently Kirsten works on creating educational children’s books, designing costumes, and painting historically-flavored fantasy illustrations. She appreciates the details, and is likely to have two books open and five web pages tabbed when working on period pieces– it’s a compulsion, but one of the fun and quirky ones.RH-Cover

Kirsten spends her free time rolling multi-sided dice while playing tabletop RPGs, sketching a variety of folklore creatures, playing video games that don’t involve a first person view, and learning the ins and outs of costume making and prop building. Not very gifted when it comes to sewing, she’d much rather handle the heat gun and thermoplastics. As someone who enjoys cooking just as much as target shooting, she loves making and contributing to stories that are anything but ordinary.

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